Anonymous asked:
Do you have any opinions on the Avril controversy?

I don’t know anything about an Avril controversy? I didn’t know people still paid attention to her.


Ms. Francoise Dorleac and her sister, Ms. Catherine Deneuve practicing with their instruments during shoot of the 1967 Jacques Demy film “The Young Girls of Rochefort”. 
1908 Bauhaus Team | Mies van der Rohe, Meyer, Hertwig, Weyrather, Krämer, Gropius
(this photo predates Bauhaus by a few years, when these men were assistants to Peter Behrens) 

Cowboy Bebop (1998)Full image here. (1448x1503 1.8 Mb)
Anonymous asked:
When are you going to France ? I really like your blog btw

Thank you! End of June. My sister and my birthday (june 21) is the day of the fête de la musique, so it’s always been our dream to go on our birthday. 

Japanese fashion magazines, particularly FRUiTS, were how I got into fashion in the first place. They’ll always be a major source of inspiration for me. And for those who asked, I got the #sailormoon Luna and Artemis mugs at JList! (It’s also where I get my Japanese fashion mags)
I got maybe 30 minutes of sleep last night so I took the day off to relax. I love my new Luna and Artemis mugs! (Also reading the Sailor Moon issue of ViVi)
Paris priorities

My friend got me addicted to My Love from Another Star

Working on my #BeachBody (at Seven Mile Cafe)