Maxim Italia, November 1998Model : Amber Smith 

Hayao Miyazaki marching to protest against nukes, with 2 people and 1 dog.

Plastic snake by Punkroyaltiger on Flickr.
Going through my book from the Louvre and learning more about my favorite pieces. @laureparkinson and I loved this Ishtar statuette; she is small but nonetheless  impressive in alabaster, gold, and rubies, with a crescent crown on her head. #art #babylon #museedulouvre

i would rather let strangers read my texts than see what i have in my itunes

Glamour UK:   What do you get riled up about in a feminist context?
Gillian Anderson:   A lot. I have feminist bones and when I hear things or see people react to women in certain ways I have very little tolerance.
Glamour UK:   But don't you feel sorry for modern men? Not knowing whether they should help us with our bags and open doors for us or whether we'll see it as an affront?
Gillian Anderson:   No. I don't feel sorry for men.

i went on a date with a nice dude yesterday so that was cool image


A kitten aboard a floating Victoria water lily pad in the Philippines, 1935.Photograph by Alfred T. Palmer, National Geographic Creative

CLAMP — Tokyo Babylon

Any time I see my CLAMP favorites on fehyesvintagemanga I feel SO old