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love her love this scene

Venus is finally given her rightful spot as leader in Sailor Moon Crystal! I was always bummed that her leadership was toned down in the original anime because it’s a vital part of her character. I can’t wait to see what they’ll do with it in Crystal!

Really, really excited about this.
I got maybe 30 minutes of sleep last night so I took the day off to relax. I love my new Luna and Artemis mugs! (Also reading the Sailor Moon issue of ViVi)

Since I’ve seen things circling about a Sailor Moon cast announcement, I’m just gonna put this out there: the only two seiyuu I’d REALLY like to see return are Aya Hisakawa and Megumi Ogata. 

I did a bra inventory last week and realized I didn’t have a single white bra, so I remedied the situation with this Honeydew bralette from Madewell. Also pictured: my new favorite polish, YSL no 18 “bleu majorelle”