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hi i'd like to ask your personal opinion on what you would do in this situation. i ordered the jet bra from agent provocateur; i love it and the fit is great except for the two upside down v-straps that meet in the center-- they kind of bulge out and i have done everything to adjust the bra but alas, i have failed. i called AP and they no longer do alterations, so i'm not sure if i should just call it quits and return the bra or try to find another place that could do the alterations?

I try to return things if I’m not 100% happy with it (unless I need it for a special occasion). You could put the money you’ve spent on the Jet towards a bra that you love. I think the AP Jet bra is gorgeous, but I always have problems with cut-out or strappy style bras  - the straps always bulge or hang on me, and they almost never fit the way they do on the models (but isn’t that true for most things?). If it doesn’t fit you the way you want, I’d return it, unless you really really love it and think you could get over the issue with the center straps.

Anonymous asked:
I've recently started getting into lingerie. I like the fact that it's pretty low pressure since only my boyfriend sees it and that it exists for the sole purpose of making me feel good. I love brands like AP and La Perla, of course, but I have a relatively limited budget and can't afford those things right now. Do you have any recommendations for mid-range brands? I live in Europe now (but will be moving back to the states in a few months), so bonus points for anything available there.

A lot of AP bras go on sale for $20-60 - they have a sale at least twice a year, so I highly recommend watching out for those! I always try to post them on here when they happen - it’s the best time to stock up.

ASOS also has a GREAT selection of lingerie all at varying prices - some are still somewhat pricey, but they have a ton of bras for less than AP or La Perla. I also like Aerie, though in terms of bras, I’ve only tried their unlined bras and bralettes. I *love* their panties. (I’m not sure if they ship to Europe, though!) Anthropologie also has an incredible selection of lingerie sometimes, though their size range is kind of small.

Some other online stores I like (that carry various price points) are Journelle and Azalea’s NYC. They both have a varying range of prices, and if you join their mailing lists, they frequently send out 20% off coupons!

What’s your specific price range? And what kind of lingerie are you looking for? Lacy bralettes, t-shirt bras, or garter belts? If you give me more specific details, I can give you more brand recommendations! (I hope this list helps somewhat at least!)

Anonymous asked:
i hope this isn't too strange a question to ask, but what is your bra size? i'm pretty petite but i loveee lingerie so much, i just feel like it wouldn't fit me as well as it does the models.

I’m a 32a/30b if I can find it, so I’m pretty petite as well in terms of bra size. To be perfectly frank, a very small percentage of people look the way models do in lingerie, mostly because a very small percentage of women have a modelesque body, and also because even models are photoshopped in lingerie. If you’ve opened a Victoria’s Secret catalogue lately, it’s almost hilarious how poorly executed the dodge-and-burn technique used on their cleavage is, and yet for some reason it still makes women feel bad about their bodies. Not to mention these women are often fitted into the wrong size bra with extra padding to beef up their cleavage.

I used to bra fit for Nordstrom, and I can say with certainty that no woman looked the way the models do in lingerie. And that’s okay! I think bones, curves, lumps (the non-cancerous ones of course), ripples, and whatever other “imperfections” make us beautiful, too! (And most women - skinny, curvy, etc have them.) I also think it’s important to note that lingerie ads don’t always accurately advertise how bras should fit.

If you love lingerie, don’t let the way it looks on models stop you from indulging in it! In fact, I’ve found lingerie incredibly liberating in this respect because no one else will see it, so no one else can measure how you look in it against how it looks on other people. 

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The photo you took of a girl holding books in lingerie seems really similar to Marie Zucker's photo of the same.. you inspired by her work? flickr[.]com/photos/thegirlwhotamedthetiger/5407419236/

i was seriously waiting for someone to draw this parallel. marie was actually inspired by my photo. if you check the date on this blog post made by audreyhepburncomplex (not my blog), it predates marie zucker’s photo by a year. marie actually messaged me on flickr (i still have the message) to see if she could post her photo that was inspired by mine. she didn’t post credit, which upset me a little bit at the time, but it doesn’t bother me now. i’ve always really enjoyed her photography and I still do.

my original photo in color doesn’t exist on flickr anymore because i preferred the black and white version. but yes, if there’s any question of which came first, check the blog post above for the timestamp. or you can just message marie, because she’s incredibly sweet and she’d tell you the same thing.

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Let the haters hate! Or in this case the creepers creep. Do what you love man!

thank you, anon! i’m still not prepared to post the full set on my blog, but all of the support i’ve been getting really does mean a lot. thanks again (you and everyone else) for your messages~ <3

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I think your last post is pretty amazing. If I reblog, does it make me a creeper?

thank you so much, and not at all! by creepers, I mean people who send me demeaning or sexual messages when I post lingerie. It’s sad, but it happens almost every time, which is part of the reason I hardly ever do lingerie shoots anymore…

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that's absolutely gorgeous!

thank you so much~ 

Anonymous asked:
What was your last dream about?

I don’t dream very often; in fact, I can’t remember the last time I had a dream and remembered it the next morning.

Anonymous asked:
Both would be wonderful! I've been looking at both day dresses and party dresses so, idk, just anything awesome :)

One dress I’ve been dying for is the For Love & Lemons Anna dress in black or in black velvet (it’s also available on a lot of shops in an emerald velvet). It shows just the right amount of skin, and would look great with an oversized hat, leopard fur coat, and boots. Can’t say enough about how cute this dress is!

I also love this Nasty Gal strapless dress. Super simple but classic and easy to dress up/down.

I’m also really into cami dresses right now. Here’s a cute one from ASOS, and Zara has a lot of cute ones too! 

I’ll just number the rest of them off. Some are more casual than others: 1 2 3 4

Good luck on the hunt! :) 

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How large is your apartment?

Seriously dude, this is the last warning I’m giving you: Stop sending me messages. I’ve already filed a police report with a few of your IPs for ceaselessly messaging me weirdly personal questions, and I am/they are poised to take action as soon as tomorrow.

Do not send me another one ever.

Anonymous asked:
How is the shopping in Portland? Found any cute boutiques or thrift store finds? xo

My favorite thing about shopping in Portland is that there isn’t a sales tax; it’s something that weirded me out every time I bought something. And the vintage stores are so perfectly curated - they’re very clean, organized, and not as cluttered as the ones in Dallas or Los Angeles. I didn’t buy any clothes and just did minimal gift-buying for a few people since the main point of my trip was to view the landscape, but overall I liked the boutique and vintage shopping scene.

Anonymous asked:
How do you stay thin?

There are probably a lot of factors involved but I feel uncomfortable answering questions like this because I don’t want people to think I’m giving tips or anything

Anonymous asked:
What size is your miu miu dress? How much money would you sell it for? I think it looks lovely on you.

Thank you! The top is an IT 42 and the skirt is an IT 40. I would probably sell it for around ~$300? It’s taken me a while to decide, but I most likely WILL be selling it (probably on eBay). The top is just too big.

Anonymous asked:
Are AP products flattering? I'm not fat but I'm definitely not super toned and I'm worried that if I spend a lot on agent provocateur products ill just look like a pig in fancy lingerie

:( I’m not sure what flattering means to you. I think one of the liberating things about lingerie is that no one will see it except you, and maybe a few other people who - hopefully - love your body. There’s absolutely no pressure to dress for what other people think is acceptable or flattering to certain body types (though I’m personally a big believer in not dressing to flatter, even for outerwear). 

I love the way Agent Provocateur makes me feel, even during the times that I’m unhappy with my body. But I can’t speak for others, as I’m sure it’s different for everyone; I think “flattering” is something that only the wearer can define for themselves.

If you have any specific questions about the sizing, quality, etc, I’d be happy to answer them! But for a question like this, I don’t think I can really answer it.

Anonymous asked:
Do you have any clay mask recommendations for oily/acne-prone skin? I haven't really thought of using a clay mask to begin with! Sounds interesting...

I’ve only started to use honey & clay masks (mine is homemade) so I don’t know too much about them, but I love mine so far. The recipe I use is: 1 heaping tablespoon of raw honey, 2 heaping tablespoons of bentonite clay, and some hot water until the consistency is right.

According to The Honey Cult, Fuller’s Earth Clay is the best clay for treating acne. I bought my clay off of Amazon, and I think you can find Fuller’s Earth Clay there. I would say bentonite clay is probably good for oily skin too, since it still has drying properties. I use mine for oil regulation and it seems to work well!

I found out about DIY natural clay masks from Veronica’s beauty videos. She’s an aesthetician of ten years, and she recommends starting out with a 2-week daily honey/clay treatment (after that, you just do it a couple of weeks). I highly recommend her videos! She also talks about what ingredients to use/avoid in DIY beauty masks.

Hope this helps!