Anonymous asked:
Hi, I'm using your theme and it's great! But the problem is the tab that links to your tumblr (it says "my tumblr"). How do I change it? I won't get rid of it if you don't want me to, but it's kind of confusing for people to see a link that says "my tumblr" when they're already on my blog haha. Thanks!

Hey! I’m so sorry about that, I’ve tried sending in the fix to Tumblr but they haven’t approved the theme yet, much less the fixes for it! In order to delete this, go to line 571 (or around there) of the code, and delete this line:

<li><a href="">My Tumblr</a></li>

Sorry again for this issue - I really didn’t mean to put that in there!

Just submitted my first Tumblr theme!
Edit UGH. On the theme, I just realized that I forgot to replace my header image with the one of outer space. So now my face will be on every new install. &gt;_&lt; I&#8217;m sorry guys!
If you want to replace the header image, 460px wide is the ideal size. You can crop and resize your images here for free.
Edit 2 I also just realized that I left my personal Tumblr link in the code, which you can delete by going to &#8220;Edit HTML&#8221; and searching for &#8220;My Tumblr&#8221;, and then deleting the text between that &lt;li&gt;&lt;/li&gt; tag. Sorry about this; I&#8217;ve just submitted these edits to Tumblr, so hopefully they will show up on the new installs now.