Sleepover, relief print, 2013
Cherubs are the creepiest things ever, so naturally I drew a ton of them

Woah, I just found an artist who is doing almost exactly what I’ve been doing with my lolita dresses, only for longer. Ugh, I feel sick. It’s weird because I reached this idea so organically, yet even the shape of the dresses looks the same (and they are also suspended from the ceiling). Oh well.

Edit After reading the artist’s statement, I realize our pieces differ a little bit conceptually. My professor said never to worry about if other people have done something before, but this is a little bit too close for comfort. I’m going to continue exploring the idea until this project is done, but I’m still feeling a bit sick over it.


Hey it’s me! Source fixed

Can’t believe how many notes this has. I think now that I’ve got a giant pink photo background I’m going to redo this photo.

Installing my latest dress at the show tonight. Photo by my sis @laureparkinson

I posted an additional photograph of my dresses with a short explanation of the concept behind them over at my blog.

My latest art project (in progress): the sailor moon seifuku in sheer pink tulle, with french seams (some of it is still pinned)

Thank you so much to everyone for your support (on here and instagram - I’m really shocked by the amount of responses). I presented this in critique yesterday, and no one understood that it was Sailor Moon (or at least no one admitted it). I kind of blame myself, since I intentionally excluded the sailor collar for stylistic purposes that I’ll explain in a moment. Nonetheless, despite missing the Sailor Moon reference, people still got the sexualization of the lolita figure/hero, which was the most important part.
I’ve had this idea in my head for several months now, but it wasn’t until I came across the notorious Cosmopolitan sex tip column that advised roleplaying Sailor Moon during sex because she was men’s #1 childhood cartoon character that they wanted to sleep with. (Maybe someone can link it? I no longer have it.) Before I knew what feminism was, I knew what Sailor Moon was: powerful, strong, okay with crying, well-dressed, loved a man but didn’t need him, and loyal to her friends. As I’ve grown up, I’ve always held on to the values that I learned from Sailor Moon - and I know many women (even those who no longer watch it) who feel the same way.
It’s not that I think sex and heroism are mutually exclusive; on the contrary, I think sexuality is incredibly empowering for women. But I feel like Sailor Moon’s is often taken away from her; for instance, she’s often described as a “school girl fetish,” her outfit as “slutty,” etc. Never mind that a super hero would have a lot of trouble fighting crime in a long skirt. Never mind that the male producers of Sailor Moon begged for a longer hem, and Naoko Takeuchi (the female creator of Sailor Moon) insisted that they remain short simply because it was “cute.” Sailor Moon was created by women, for women. So I found it a bit troubling that this heroine would be broken down into a sex toy for someone’s boyfriend - that a powerful woman (14 years old, no less) would be made vulnerable to the act of sex. Granted, I don’t know anyone who actually follows Cosmo's sex advice, though as an aside, I would love to meet the people who think putting donuts on your SO's you-know-what is a good idea.
At the same time, I didn’t want my piece to be necessarily damning to the idea of a sexually-empowered heroine - I think that would be too easy. I wanted to create something that was alluring, beautiful, but still vulnerable - hence the idea of transparency. I left out the Sailor Collar because it covered up too much, and stylistically, I preferred the high collar. Also, I can confirm: this looks awesome on.
I do have one more planned (though not Sailor Moon) that I hope to share within the next couple of weeks. At the end of April, I might be participating in an art show in which this would be featured, in case any Denton readers are interested.
Latest work-in-progress
Detail of a painting I did of Emily. Hope to post the full painting (along with a few others that I’ve done) to my blog soon!
One more 4am photo from last night. Just got out of critique and I’m waiting for my pizza to bake. It wasn’t a real critique because we had a visiting professional artist who just gave his opinion on peoples’ work. He liked mine a lot (esp the hands) but he made the frustrating comment, “If one of my male students painted this people would accuse him of objectification.”
I think who is painting something and why actually does make a difference, especially when gender issues are contained within the painting, but whatever. I wasn’t gonna open that can of worms. I just told him (and this is true) that I’m accused of objectification also.
I hope these are acceptable for my drawing studio. he said we could bring in preliminary work sooooo (Taken with Instagram)
Doing some practice sketching before school starts. Work in progress (Taken with Instagram)
Sketching - Lindsey Wixson at @Chanel Couture FW 2013 (Taken with Instagram)